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Our students are exceptional—from the long hours they spend giving it their all during the program, to their life-changing accomplishments after graduation. Whether it’s web development or data analytics, we could not be more proud to get to help students grow in their skills, advance their careers or change career paths entirely.

Read what students from The Coding Boot Camp, The UX/UI Boot Camp, and The Data Analysis and Visualization Boot Camp had to say about their experience in the program.

Review: ”Having a passion for coding, this camp was perfect for me to round out my skills, learn new libraries, and make me more marketable to my employer.”
Eric Pribramsky
  • Part-Time
  • 2017 Graduate
  • Course: Coding
  • Campus: Austin

I am so glad I chose The Coding Boot Camp. I was able to continue working full time while attending class during the week and on the weekends. It was not easy, but very much worth it.

Having a passion for coding, this camp was perfect for me to round out my skills, learn new libraries, and make me more marketable to my employer. We learned the in and outs of the MERN stack, and high level back-end and front-end web development. I really appreciated finding out the camp changed the course because of local market demands.

At times, I felt like the course didn’t dive into the material deep enough. However, that is sort of the point to the boot camps, it gives you a solid jumping off point to do more in less time than you could on your own.

The passion from the teachers and TAs was very encouraging and got me excited to be in class every day. The staff has also been very active at keeping us in the loop and getting us ready for Demo Day. I’ve never felt like there wasn’t support available. Everyone is available within hours, and very responsive on Slack. Tutors were also available for even more help.

I met a lot of people, made a new friends, and have grown my network exponentially! The other cohorts are working on meetups and networking events to meet prior graduates and future students. There is a big sense of community.

Ultimately, I got way more out of the UT Austin Coding Boot Camp than I ever thought. I looked at other camps, but the biggest deciding factor for me was being part of the University of Texas system. Attending class on campus made me feel even more invested in the class, and having UT put their name on the class gave the boot camp the validity that other boot camps do not have.

Review: ”The Coding Boot Camp at UT Austin checked off every box I was looking for...”
Jimmie Jackson
  • Part-Time
  • 2016 Graduate
  • Course: Coding
  • Campus: Austin

ABOUT ME: Just to put my experience into perspective, I came from a varied background in sales, freelance photography and videography. I loathed going into my sales job every day and wanted a career change but wasn’t exactly sure how to go about it or what direction to head. I randomly came across a boot camp, and was intrigued at the idea. Become a web developer in 24 weeks? I had taken a basic HTML/CSS class in college several years ago, and while I certainly enjoyed it, that sounds a little too good to be true. My options were to either go back to school through UT or ACC, or look more into a boot camp, weighing the pros and cons of each. Once I decided this was certainly the direction I wanted to head, I started researching local boot camps more in-depth, of which several exist. The Coding Boot Camp at UT Austin checked off every box I was looking for: part-time so that I could continue to work a full-time job, career services, a reasonable price, and it was backed by the UT name.

INTERVIEW: After applying, I went through a couple of phone interviews. I was asked about my background, why I want to get into coding, and was asked to solve a couple of fairly difficult problem-solving questions. Honestly, I feel like I barely made the cut. After two phone interviews though, I was accepted!

CURRICULUM: Starting out, we learned the basics: HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The overall curriculum focused on the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js). Over the course of 6 months, we learned all sorts of other frameworks, libraries and languages too, such as Bootstrap, jQuery, and MySQL. We briefly touched on a few languages such as PHP, Ruby, and Python. The only reason I gave the curriculum a 4 star rating is because I thought we should have focused more on React and PHP, and become more “specialized” in a few areas as opposed to knowing a little about a lot. We were the very first cohort however, and their material will become even more focused and streamlined I feel as more people go through the course. I am extremely impressed at how flexible the curriculum is. It’s all based on what the local companies are hiring for, and the whole team has a fantastic sense of what those are.

CLASS: One of the things I liked most about participating in a boot camp was just how diverse the other students are. Almost everybody is there for the same reason: a career change. I believe that because of our varied backgrounds, boot camp grads have a more well-rounded approach to development and can draw from past experiences in other fields to help achieve goals and work on teams with other developers. My background in sales has certainly helped me, whether I like to admit it or not. Just to give you an idea of how diverse my cohort was… we had a former opera singer, a Spanish teacher, a skee ball champion, an American Sign Language interpreter, a warehouse salesman… the list goes on.

INSTRUCTORS/TA’s: I was in the Monday/Wednesday class taught by Jim McCoy, with Holly Springsteen and Rob Daly. Jim really made the course for me. He is hilarious in a no-filter kind of way, extremely intelligent and definitely cares about seeing us succeed. Holly and Rob gave up a lot of their evenings and weekends for 6 months to see us succeed, and they are equally as intelligent and helpful. I firmly believe that all of their effort was crucial to our success as a class.

CAREER SERVICES: Jeremy Bergeron and Candace Salim are the two I’m most familiar with behind Career Services, but I’m sure there were several other people behind-the-scenes that did a ton of work for us as well. Jeremy is a great guy, and his passion for landing us jobs is obvious. They helped us in optimizing resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and interview techniques, and would usually bring in a speaker each Saturday to talk about various topics. One of the best things we did was mock interviews with employees from local well-known companies, followed up by a panel discussion. I used a few of the interview techniques we talked about that day, and I strongly believe that because of the things I learned then, I was able to actually receive an offer and accept it – on my very first tech interview! The dev team I interviewed with was super impressed by the questions I asked and how well I handled the whiteboard interview, and the entire team behind this boot camp was essential to that experience.

OTHER: The pace of the class was sometimes too fast, but it’s because there’s SO much material that could be covered. They constantly asked for feedback from us, and would often adjust the pace based on how we responded. Aside from the pace, one important thing I discovered is that with a lot of companies, there is a sort of stigma surrounding boot camp graduates. What I mean by that, is that a lot of people will enter a boot camp just for the sake of making more money. While that part is great, you have to be able to convey that you actually enjoy coding. One way of doing that is by delving into passion projects on the side or learning new technologies just for the sake of learning. I did that as much as my schedule would allow, and I believe it was ultimately another reason I was able to land a job with a great company.

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: I was fortunate to be one of the students who got accepted into a full-time web developer role before graduation, and I can’t thank the people behind The Coding Boot Camp enough. I’m now not dreading going in to work, I am doing work that I actually enjoy with awesome and intelligent coworkers, and making more money than ever on top of that. As long as you go in with realistic expectations, you understand your strengths and weaknesses as a student, and have an actual passion for coding, I believe that the curriculum and staff behind The Coding Boot Camp at UT Austin will almost certainly land you a new job.

Review: ”If I can do it, so can you, and The Coding Boot Camp at UT Austin will give you the tools you need.”
Chance Eakin
  • Part-Time
  • 2016 Graduate
  • Course: Coding
  • Campus: Austin
Yes, do it.

Verbose: Boot camps will never be a cure-all, so if you’re looking for that, stop reading and step off this metaphorical locomotive. If you’re looking for an invitation to join the world of programming and reignite your own curiosity, jump aboard.

My previous career was as a classical musician—opera singer in particular—so you could say that I came to software development/programming from about as far away as possible. If I can do it, so can you, and The Coding Boot Camp at UT Austin will give you the tools you need.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already blown through some online resources, and that’s where I was. My largest problem with learning how to code was figuring out the large concepts. I wanted to learn, but I didn’t know where or HOW to look for the next step. The Coding Boot Camp at UT Austin provided that essential step.

We covered Javascript from client side to backend, and hit most technology that’s used in shops all around Austin (Mongo, Express, React, Node.js). Pounding one language gave me the skill to look at other languages and not tremble with fear and anxiety. Likewise, everything we learned is something I use on a daily basis.

Moreover, Jim McCoy and Roger Le—our instructors—gave me enough information to take off and explore on my own. They are awesome teachers in their own right, and they’re interested in our continued success. Holly, Rob, Allen, and Jedd (our TA’s) did a stellar job of supporting us throughout the learning process. Help was never too far away, but thankfully, it wasn’t too close either. A huge part of learning how to code is learning how to solve problems on your own, and the academic team made sure our class had ample time to flex our problem solving muscles.

Another important element that differentiates the Coding Boot Camp at UT Austin from others in the area is its strong Career Services support. Jeremy Bergeron and Candace Salim helped me build my brand, hone my message, and clean up my materials to present the best version of myself. Then they introduced me to awesome companies.

To sum up what my experience with the Coding Boot Camp at UT Austin, here’s a quote that I love (yes, it’s cheesy, but it’s honest): “Everybody says they’re trying to get their piece of the pie. They don’t realize that the world is a kitchen. You can make your own pie.” – Terry Crews. They didn’t make the pie for me, but they sure gave me a good recipe.

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