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How to Move From Junior to Senior Web Developer

Senior Web Developer

Senior-level web developers are in high demand. These professionals are sought after for their ability to self-manage, prioritize tasks and provide guidance to junior web developers, and employers typically compete for their skills with attractive incentives. So how do you transition from a junior to a senior web developer role? It’s important to plan out…

Understanding Data Science Roles: Who Does What?

Today’s world revolves around data—there’s no getting around that fact. Every time we use our smartphones or log into our computers, we leave a trail of data behind us. That data holds key insights into our behavior, our likes and dislikes, and the products we purchase. How do businesses make sense of all that data?…

UX vs. UI Design: What’s The Difference?

Today, we see the term “UX/UI” thrown around quite a bit—so much so that many people assume the two fields are a single discipline or that they can be used interchangeably. While UX and UI design do share some overlap, they have more differences than similarities. So, let’s explore what each of them really is,…

What to Expect In Your First Junior Web Developer Job

Man learning web development

You’re interested in coding—but what is it really like to be a professional developer? What can you expect from your first week on the job? If you’ve done some research into the field or taken a coding boot camp, you probably have a good sense of what to expect when you begin your first junior…

5 Tips for Writing a Great Web Developer Resume

Coding Resume Tips

There are many positions for professional web developers today. However, to secure an interview and get hired for your dream job, a strong resume is critical. Writing the perfect one is not easy. Many candidates wonder what their resume should look like and what it should include, and this can vary because it represents different…

The 2019 State of Web Developers in Austin [Infographic]

The 8th top city in the world for technology, the country’s fastest-growing major metro, and the #1 place to live — Austin, Texas, continues to be on the precipice of job growth and new opportunities. » Stay tuned until the end to view our handy infographic summarizing all the information we’re about to cover. «   New…

Combining Teaching and Coding: Robert Deckard’s Journey from Principal of Inmates to Software Engineer

Robert Deckard

When he was directing the educational program at a Texas correctional center, Robert Deckard assumed he had the perfect job for himself: one that benefited society and utilized a major professional talent—teaching. Then one day—after thinking about a world going quickly digital—Bob googled online computer science degrees. He browsed through dozens of courses and noticed that many…

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