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Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It? [What the Numbers Say]

Are you considering a career change? You’re not alone: according to a recent survey from the Conference Board, a little less than half of all American employees describe themselves as dissatisfied with their current job. Life is too short to spend half of your waking life doing something you don’t find meaning in. With a…

The Best Ways to Learn Java Fast in 2021

Want to make it as a software developer? You’re going to need Java.  No, we’re not referring to a cup of fresh-brewed coffee (though you can’t go wrong stocking up on some of that, too!). Instead, we’re referring to Java with a capital “J” — a versatile programming language that stands as one of the…

Software Developer Career Paths: Everything You Need to Know

There are countless ways to get into software development. Some people find their passion for coding in a middle school workshop or college club; others stumble into development midway through their career.  But no matter how your introduction to software development comes to pass, all aspiring programmers eventually need to ask themselves the same question:…

Myths About Coding Boot Camps

If you’ve decided to learn web development, you’ve probably done some research to find a method or program that’s right for you. A quick web search will turn up a lot of resources on the subject, and webpages for programs called “coding boot camps.” This may have sparked your interest, and like everything else, there…

Become a Computer Software Developer Without a Degree

Software Development is a worldwide industry that can open new horizons for technological advancements and career growth. While employment rates in other sectors are continually fluctuating, IT is continuously on the rise. More and more people want to learn software development and become web developers, computer programmers, and software developers. As a result of these…

Here’s How a Coding Boot Camp Helped One Med Tech Update His Software Skills

When a new data science position opened up at the Cleveland Clinic, one of the nation’s best hospitals, Ron Johnson knew he wanted it. For years, he had been working there as a medical technologist—but now, he was ready for a change.  As a flexible, part-time program, a Coding Boot Camp powered by Trilogy Education Services, a 2U Inc.…

How Tools Like GroupMap Help Remote Teams Collaborate Effectively

For employees and companies around the world, the impact of COVID-19 has changed the landscape of workplaces everywhere in record time, replacing physical office spaces with virtual environments. It’s also created many open-ended questions about the future of work: Is remote work as efficient as being in a shared office? Is it sustainable beyond the…

After Gaining New Skills, This Online Learner Took Her Career to the Next Level

Kaliesha Pickering didn’t always know that she was interested in coding and web development. But after working for five years at Bell, the largest telecommunications company in Canada, she had learned enough about the field to discover that she was hungry to learn more. Kaliesha’s next step was launching her own business. While still employed at Bell,…

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