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The 5 Best Ways to Learn JavaScript Fast in 2020

Graphic listing the five best ways to learn JavaScript

It might be hyperbole to say that JavaScript is a developer’s best (digital) friend — but it would certainly be hard to get by without it.  According to a recent survey conducted by Stack Overflow, JavaScript is the world’s most popular programming language, with an incredible 69.7 percent of the 90,000 developers polled citing it…

From Lab Science to Data Science: How Umair Khakoo’s Problem-Solving Mindset Helped Him Get Ahead in the Tech Industry

You can’t always tell how one life experience will prepare you for the next. Back in college, Umair Khakoo loved experimenting in the laboratory as a chemistry major. What he didn’t realize was just how valuable the problem-solving mindset he developed during his undergraduate years would eventually become in an entirely new setting: the technology industry.  The…

Your Top 15 Online Boot Camp Questions Answered

woman learning at home

You’re interested in an online boot camp—but you first want to know how it actually works. What can you expect from the online format? If you’re just discovering our boot camps, you likely have many questions that you’d like the answers to before taking the next step. It is important to make an informed decision…

Why Employers Are Drawn to Online Boot Camp Learners

Student learning at home

Many of today’s leading employers are beginning to embrace new models of education, including online learning. As a result, we see a number of employers hiring online boot camp s due to their work ethic and combination of hard skills (technical knowledge) and soft skills (adaptability, collaboration, creativity, etc.). Because of the fast-paced nature of…

7 Characteristics of a High-Quality Online Boot Camp

Woman learning at home

As the unprecedented shift towards online learning continues to grow, more s are seeking out the combination of skills development and flexibility offered through an online boot camp education. Today it is more possible than ever to break into fields such as web development, financial technology, UX/UI, cybersecurity, and digital marketing through the help of…

The UX/UI Industry: A Beginner’s Guide

  In today’s digital era, a well-designed user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) make a website or an app more engaging, trustworthy, and accessible. That is why an increasing number of companies are looking for talented user interface and user experience designers who can transform the digital presence of their business through optimized interfaces,…

10 Tips for Effective Online Learning

man learning online

Thanks to the many advancements in modern technology, an online education has become more accessible than ever before, allowing learners to receive the same high-quality experience and outcomes offered by traditional education via a virtual experience. The recent weeks have witnessed an increasing number of schools and universities around the world transition to online-only learning,…

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