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Blog Category: Alumni

10 Effective Job Search Strategies

Charles Gedeon

After selling the tech start-up he co-founded, Charles Gedeon wondered what to tackle next. While handling operations at his company, he’d always been fascinated by the work done by the coders on his team, so that seemed like a good place to start.  “That whole process pulled me in,” Charles said. “So I started dabbling…

Combining Teaching and Coding: Robert Deckard’s Journey from Principal of Inmates to Software Engineer

Robert Deckard

When he was directing the educational program at a Texas correctional center, Robert Deckard assumed he had the perfect job for himself: one that benefited society and utilized a major professional talent—teaching. Then one day—after thinking about a world going quickly digital—Bob googled online computer science degrees. He browsed through dozens of courses and noticed that many…

5 Weeks In: Wenbin Zhao’s Thoughts

Wenbin Zhao Group Picture

About five and a half weeks ago, I posted my first thought on starting at the Data Analytics and Visualization Boot Camp at Texas McCombs. It generated a lot of interest, and I often get questions from my cohorts and colleagues about what I’ve learned and how I feel about the program. Now that we…