Moving Forward: How Cassie Kopecky Landed Her Dream Job During the Chaos of COVID-19

Starting up her computer, Cassie Kopecky gets her workspace ready for another day as Manager of Marketing and Social Media at The Alexander Group. 

One year ago, Cassie was a creative coordinator for a start-up nonprofit healthcare organization in Austin, Texas. She wore many hats in this position from event planning to digital marketing, she was described as a “jack of all trades.” Prior to this position, Cassie worked in retail administration. Looking back, Cassie describes herself as someone who was relied upon for the technical and creative needs of the businesses she served.

Although Cassie loved working at the Center for Resiliency at the Dell Children’s Medical Center, she felt stuck in her career. She craved a new professional experience and a dramatic career pivot to challenge her and build on her innate skills. When the pandemic emerged, Cassie took the opportunity to seek training that would enable a more directed career.

Seeking a fresh start

Since Cassie had managed many different responsibilities in her former role, her first step in figuring out a new career was pinpointing which field best aligned with her work experience and a degree in anthropology. 

Cassie realized that most of what she had enjoyed encompassed the umbrella of digital marketing. A friend had once recommended The Digital Marketing Boot Camp at Texas McCombs offered by the University of Texas. Based on her research, the training program was the perfect fit at the right time. 

“I compared the University of Texas Austin Boot Camp to other programs, and I knew the UT name has served others in my family well, that was important to me and would serve me well from a career standpoint,” she said. “I was able to talk with the admissions team and understand what the boot camp entailed. They were clear and helpful in the process, and I appreciated that.”

Pushing past hardship

Cassie had her work cut out for her with a self-taught background in digital marketing as she started learning new terms and techniques. An immersion into introductory concepts and an understanding of the growing field of digital marketing was exciting.

The course challenged Cassie from day one. As the assignments grew more complex, she struggled to complete her work on time. Luckily, the course’s support systems actively helped her stay on track.

“The class advisor reached out to help me,” said Cassie. “I wound up working with the teaching assistant and other resources that were available in the program to create a better understanding of the course work and keep up with the rest of the class. Everyone in the program wanted me to succeed, and I felt supported throughout my time in the boot camp.”

For Cassie, finishing the program was the only option. She knew it would continue to be challenging, but she was able to dig deep and persevere, believing in herself — and that made all the difference. “I went into the boot camp with an attitude of, ‘I am going to finish this,’” she recalled. “There was no option for me to give up.”

While learning about the field of digital marketing, Cassie also gained valuable life skills that have helped her in other areas of life. For example, she became a better communicator by working with classmates throughout the course. 

Cassie is happy to have remained in touch with some of these connections. “We stay in contact and try to support each other through social media and group chats,” she said. “It’s great to exchange resources as we navigate our careers.”

Finding her future

After completing the boot camp, Cassie was confident and enthusiastic in pursuing a new career. She built a solid portfolio for her job search working with career services staff.

“Getting guidance from career services was important to me since I was in the middle of changing careers,” she said. “They were very supportive and proactive with helping me through the shift.”

Before long, Cassie had received a job offer from The Alexander Group and became their newest marketing and social media manager.

Now, working on various marketing projects, Cassie can use skills learned during the boot camp to help The Alexander Group rework its social media strategy and improve its marketing outreach.

For Cassie, her career journey has come full circle — and the future couldn’t be brighter. “I’m completely immersed in my role and ready to flex my creative muscles,” said Cassie. “It’s a great feeling.”

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